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Senior Program Coordinator

Mouna Abdallah

Being passionate about education as a transformative tool to improve the community, Mouna works hard to ensure the betterment of community wellbeing through education. As a recent graduate of The Ontario Institute of Studies in Education with a Master’s degree in Education, Mouna is vocal about the philosophy of placing ‘whole child’ at the center of education for a brighter future. When adopting this approach, she believes that to ensure the whole child is supported, extending that support to family and community is essential.

Working for underserved and marginalized families has been a passion for Mouna. Through her experience working in different schools and communities, Mouna has experience with the everyday realities of many families. As such, recognising the importance of using her voice and power to advocate, Mouna entered the educational domain with this goal in mind. 

Mouna continues to advocate for underserved and marginalized communities, especially newcomers and refugees to Canada. In her role as a program manager, Mouna aims to provide mental health resources and support that adopts an intersectionality lens, where often Muslim families and communities are forgotten. Being able to set these resources and supports will not only benefit families and children, but it also aims to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of different communities.

During her free time, Mouna enjoys reading books, cooking and spending quality time with family and friends. Believing in the transformative and healing power of communities, Mouna is optimistic that this step will open the doors for the necessary changes to happen.