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Young Readers Book Club

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Program Overview

Our Young Readers’ Book Club is an engaging educational program that provides young children with the opportunity to be immersed in storytelling, practice reading, and make crafts based on the stories they’ve heard and read. The overall objectives of the program and to foster a love of reading and improve literacy.

Under the umbrella of the two main objectives, the program goals are:

  • Provide children with the opportunity to make new friends
  • Expose children to new stories
  • Build reading and listening skills
  • Expand horizons by discussing the stories
  • Facilitate creativity through crafts based on the stories
  • Provide opportunities to work in collaboration and improve social skills
  • Promote an understanding of diversity
  • Build resiliency and confidence, and

Meet Our Program Creator - Nimra Bhatti

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Nimra achieved her BA majoring in Human Rights & Equity Studies from York University in 2018 and went on to become an educator working in Montessori schools.  As a professional in education, Nimra has worked with children in a classroom environment and made the transition to remote teaching for the 2020-2021 academic year. Working with children and nurturing their academic development has been the hallmark of her career. Empowering her students both in and out of the classroom has been a rewarding experience and encouraged her to do more to support youth both locally and globally. In 2018, Nimra had the privilege of teaching English as a second language to students in rural Pakistan, in which she aided with impacting the curriculum and lesson planning also. The promotion of education and children’s rights are causes that are important to Nimra. As an advocate for children’s rights, Nimra draws on her professional experience in promoting learning, inclusivity and understanding. She also continues to work with NGOs involved with civil liberties, human rights and women’s empowerment. As Education Coordinator, Nimra will be developing programs and initiatives that help support the learning and development of children in the community. Nimra is excited to be on the team to help support MCASS’s mission of driving change.

Meet Our Original Program Facilitators

In partnership with Nimra, Seema, Amaly, and Kai carefully selected the stories and developed the crafts. Stories and crafts were age-appropriate, uplifting with morals and life lessons, and often culturally-appropriate and identity-affirming.

During each session, our facilitators led the children in the telling and reading of a story and the creation of their unique crafts representing an aspect of the story. They provided a safe and welcoming environment for the children to be able to learn and grow. The children loved the crafts and displayed an abundance of imagination and budding artistic talent.

Coming Soon! The 2023 Program

Our placement student Heeya Rahman is hard at work on the program that will start in early 2023 featuring a new selection of stories