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placement opportunities

What is a Field Placement (or Practicum)?

A field placement or practicum provides the student with the opportunity to put theory into practice. Knowledge, experience, and skills can be applied, and passions and aspirations can be leveraged to further develop academically, personally, and professionally. In addition, a placement opens doors to make new contacts and explore possible career paths.

If you’re a university or college student enrolled in Social Work, social services, or immigrant/refugee programs, consider MCASS for your placement HERE’S WHY!

What MCASS Offers

  • Outstanding opportunities for direct and indirect practice work
  • A chance to learn more about the diverse Muslim communities
  • Working with refugee and immigrant populations
  • Time spent with children, youth, and families*
  • 100% virtual placements
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working with a grassroots agency in a collaborative environment
  • Autonomy, independence, and self-direction
  • Collaboration with other placement students
  • Input to placement project(s) and activities
  • Exploration of areas of interest (e.g., mental health, program design)
  • Participation in research
  • Interaction with community partners
  • An opportunity to make REAL IMPACT for the work of our organization on behalf of all whom we serve

* Due to COVID-19, all placements are currently 100% virtual.

If this sounds exciting, connect with your Field Placement Advisor to explore the possibilities. OUR CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND FAMILIES ARE HERE WAITING FOR YOU!