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Honouring Yumnah Afzaal

Yumnah Afzaal, a beautiful teenage girl who had her whole life ahead of her, was murdered in a terrorist attack while out for a walk with her family all because of her faith.

MCASS would like to honour the beautiful memory of Yumnah Afzaal, a young optimistic girl who always saw the best in the world. We will be working on putting a video together of artwork done by children in the Muslim community representing what makes them proud to be a Muslim. This initiative has been inspired by the sweet words of Yumnah’s two friends Huda Sallam and Maryam Al-Sabawi shared in an open letter with the London Free Press.

We encourage you all to read this letter and encourage your children to participate in this activity to honour her memory and allow them to embrace what it means for them to be a proud Muslim.

Say her name, Yumnah Afzaal!!

Please submit your artwork to by July 21, 2021