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Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

As we look back on 2022, it’s hard to imagine that we have been living in a COVID world for almost three years. We couldn’t have imagined this in March 2020. But, we now know COVID has changed the world, our daily lives, and the way we do our work. It has been a challenge but we dedicated this year to building back stronger and are expanding and growing.

2021 Annual Report

COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we do our work. It has been a challenge but we are getting our balance slowly. This pandemic has further shown us how the playing field is uneven: children are still being traumatized by isolation, and their families are still experiencing social isolation in addition to not knowing where to turn to for assistance.

2020 Annual Report

When we turned the page of the calendar from one decade to the next, we had not heard of COVID-19 and could not have imagined another global pandemic was on the horizon nor the impact it would have on all of our lives. 2020 saw the launch of our Scarborough Simbas soccer program and our Lives Rewritten in Mind, Body & Spirit program for newcomer children. Please open the report to share these milestones with us.

2019 Annual Report

MCASS is delighted to share the highlights of the 2019 calendar year and a glimpse into the continuing transformation in 2020 in our 2019 Annual Report. Our 2020 Annual Report will follow in the spring of 2021.