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4th Year BSW student at York University

Zakia Islam

Hi, my name is Zakia Islam and I am a fourth-year BSW student at York University. As a bi-racial woman of both South Asian and Caucasian descent, my focus throughout my studies has been equity and racial studies. Being born and raised in such a diverse city like Toronto, I have experienced the ramifications of racism and islamophobia, that manifest in intergenerational trauma. As a white-passing minority, I am passionate to protect the marginizled communities of Toronto and give access to them to heal/mend relationships within the community and bridge the divide between service and service users. This passion has developed through my work with immigrants at Planned Parenthood, youth at iContribute and seniors at The Neighbourhood Link. At MCASS, I am looking forward to working with the diverse community of Toronto’s East End and furthering my reach with children in my professional experience. I am also an avid reader and I love to do any physical activity like going to the gym, swimming and going on hikes. Looking forward to joining the team!