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Simbas Activity Day x Wealthsimple

On January 27th, the Simbas Activity Day took place at Winston Churchill CI generously sponsored by Wealthsimple. The day kicked off with the kids engaging in static and dynamic warm-ups, preparing them for a fun-filled agenda. The kids then participated in a variety of creative games, including an obstacle course using a soccer ball and other creative soccer challenges which everyone loved! This was followed by a friendly match between the kids and coaches and stood out as an exciting highlight of the day as the kids got to compete with their coaches. Alongside the physical activities, Wealthsimple took the opportunity to educate parents on various student education saving plans, offering valuable information to support their children’s future. The event was a perfect blend of fun, learning, and future planning, all within a context of an inclusive environment. This dual focus on entertainment and financial education made the day valuable for both participants and their parents.

North Toronto Nitros Game – League 1 Ontario 

North Toronto Soccer Club is one of our amazing partners who continues to do incredible work in the community. The Nitros hosted the Simbas in 2022 and 2023 for World Refugee Day during their Women’s League 1 Ontario matches. The Simbas had the opportunity to be mascots for the match, participate in the halftime show and be an incredible crowd to cheer on the Nitros while enjoying the delicious lunches provided by the Nitros! In 2022, the event was supported by BMO Canada and in 2023 the event was sponsored by SportChek who also provided the Simbas with amazing gifts including some sports gear and gift cards. We are always grateful for the amazing support we continuously receive from the Nitros. 



MLSE Launchpad

During the Summer, MLSE Launchpad hosts Summer camps to run programming. The Scarborough Simbas attended the Launchpad camps for three days for two summers in a row. The kids had an opportunity to experience playing other sports and activities like basketball, volleyball, rock climbing and many others. They were also provided with nutritious and delicious lunches for the day!  

New Six Soccer Tournament

Check us out at the New Six Soccer Tournament! The New Six Soccer took their first step into bridging fellow Eritrean newcomers and refugees with the social environment of Canada through an international language spoken by all – soccer. 

The Simbas were welcomed and participated in a tournament where they played soccer matches against other teams in the community. The New Six Soccer created a very communal and fun atmosphere for the participants by providing a delicious pizza lunch, face paint, life skill workshops and many other fun activities!


Train like a pro! The Simbas had the opportunity to tour the TFC Training ground facility, participate in on field sessions, and enjoy a BBQ and day full of fun activities and many TFC prizes!


On August 20th, 2022, United Play Canada and Simbas hosted a special charity drive aimed at supporting refugee and newcomer children. This thoughtful initiative distributed essential soccer gear, including shoes, uniforms, t-shirts, clothing, and knee pads, to equip out young athletes with essential gear and to help bridge the financial gap often faced by families in purchasing such equipment. This endeavor not only equipped the young athletes for the field but also fostered a sense of inclusion and community spirit. The kids were absolutely delighted and ecstatic to show off their new kicks and gear! The joy and gratitude evident in the children’s reactions and smiles underscored the drive’s success in promoting unity and accessibility within the realm of sports.

Simba’s Backup and School Supplies Charity Drive

On September 3, 2022, National Zakat Foundation, Human Concern International, Islamic Relief Canada and Simbas hosted a Backpack and School Supplies charity drive, focused on equipping the next generation for success beyond the field. This event was aimed at supporting the educational journey of refugee and newcomer children. Generously filled backpacks, containing pens, pencils, and other necessary academic tools were distributed among the children. This initiative not only made the kids overjoyed with happiness, but also helped to mitigate the financial difficulties refugee and newcomer families often encountered, ensuring that every child is prepared for success as the new school year begins. Through this thoughtful distribution of school necessities, we reinforced our commitment to fostering educational opportunities and supporting the community’s youngest members in achieving their full potential.