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Event – Simbas Outdoor Soccer Program

The Simbas Outdoor Soccer Program started in the Summer of 2020 and has been running strongly ever since! It aims at bringing newcomer, refugee families and the Scarborough community together at Terraview Park. This exciting program brings the community together for a day of soccer, fun, and a communal gathering. Plus, participants received their very own Simbas uniforms and a delicious lunch, making the day extra special for everyone involved!

The day started with a lively warm-up and a coaches challenge, getting everyone excited and ready to play. Participants then rotated through various soccer-based stations, where they got to improve their skills such as in dribbling, passing, shooting, attacking, and defending. The program was structured to accommodate all levels of soccer proficiency, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. These stations were not just about learning soccer but also about teaching confidence and teamwork among the kids.

But the highlight of the day? It was definitely the soccer scrimmages! Players got to test out their soccer skills they’d been practicing at the stations. These games were filled with passion, laughter and friendly competition. The event concluded with a wrap-up session, where participants and organizers reflected on the day’s activities, shared their experiences, and discussed what they had learned. To top off an already amazing day, mealtime provided a perfect opportunity for families and participants to wind down and bond with one another. 

As the weeks flew by, it became clear that these Saturdays were transforming into something much more significant than just playing soccer. It was a time where families got to share stories, laughter and build meaningful relationships. The Simbas Soccer Program showed us all how a simple game can bring people together, creating a space where everyone feels at home, despite their diverse backgrounds.