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4th Year Child and Youth Care Program
Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)

Shawmia Sivarasakumar

Hi my name is Shawmia Sivarasakumar, and I’d like to introduce myself. I am in the Child and Youth Care program at Toronto Metropolitan University as a undergraduate earning a Bachelor’s degree. Playing sports, baking, cooking, writing reading, and spending time with my family and friends are some of my favourite pastimes. As a former teacher’s assistant for the International Tamil School Program, Reesor Park Public School and the soccer program at Rouge Valley, I developed valuable skills such as assisting young children and serving as a role model. I was able to improve and demonstrate my verbal communication and organisational skills by working with learners from various backgrounds and tailoring events to their specific interests. I am excited to do my internship at MCASS and I look forward to learn new perspectives and share my knowledge.