Content Director - Arabic

Rawan Nahle

Rawan Nahle recently graduated from the University of Toronto, where she pursued a double major in population health and psychology. According to the World Health Organization, being healthy is not merely the absence of disease, rather it is the complete attainment of physical, mental, and social, well-being. Throughout her academic career, Rawan has been taught how race, religion, age, and gender act as social determinants of health and intersect to uniquely influence one’s lived experiences. 

Rawan has a passion for promoting social and racial justice. She has been involved in diverse research projects that focus on the experiences of refugees and newcomers as they assimilate into Canadian society. She has also conducted her own research study, aiming to understand the effects of Islamophobia on the mental health and self-esteem of Muslim undergraduate students.  

Through the role, Rawan wishes to use her research experience, as well as her bilingual fluency to assist in the development of interesting, engaging, informative, and impactful content. Rawan hopes to assist Arab newcomers in overcoming communication barriers, and to promote resilient, equitable, and accessible services for them.