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MSW Student - Ohio State University (OSU)

Rahaf Najjar

Hello everyone! My name is Rahaf Najjar, and I am a 23-year-old Syrian female, who grew up within Nigeria, prior to immigrating to Canada. I am very eager to work with the Muslim Children’s Aid Support Services organization as I endeavour to not only provide my academic knowledge, personal skills, and gained professional competencies, yet I also look forward to attaining guidance and practical experiences through the skillful team at MCASS.

I am currently completing my last semester of the online Master of Social Work program at the Ohio State University however, I completed a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Nutrition and Food, as well as a Food Security certificate at Toronto Metropolitan University.

After graduating from my undergraduate program, I recognized my yearning for a practice within the Social Work profession as I discerned my prospective career to lie within the human services field. My recent work took place within varying youth settings, such as Montessori’s, before and after school programs, and treatment and development centres. Such environments strengthened my practical abilities related to crisis management, counselling, de-escalation, rapport building, cultural humility, active listening, formation of therapeutic relationships, building connections with community resources and a myriad of other pertinent soft skills.

All in all, I aspire to provide services that support a wide array of youth and their families with disparate needs relating to mental health difficulties and health necessities. Whilst, further aiding clients in overcoming the hindrances that have immobilized them from reaching a state of comprehensive wellbeing.

I am delighted to work with the respectable MCASS organization, and I look forward to collaborating with the MCASS team to achieve the goal of supporting and enhancing the community!