4th Year Ryerson BSW Student

Nuha Dhooma

Nuha Dhooma is a fourth year Social Work Student at Ryerson University. She is currently a placement student with MCASS. Her primary focus in placement is to unpack, learn, and expand her knowledge and experience with project development. Her goals with placement at MCASS is to develop a solid foundation for a social movement and brand called “The Salaam Project.” The Salaam Project centers on alliance and advocacy for Canadian Muslims. It also aims to bring awareness and oppurtunity of the peaceful and respectful values of Islam into macro level community engagement and connection.

Nuha is a Muslim woman with a mixed background of Indo-South African and Syrian ethnicity. She was born in Toronto, Ontario and is currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta. Her passions include multidisciplinary art, social justice and advocacy, mental health awareness, and fostering meaningful dialogues and connections for the greater good. In light of recent and unfortunate events related to Islamophobia, racism, and xenophobia, Nuha is committed to using her social work background as a way to expand public policies and social conceptions of Muslim experiences in Canada. She currently is a Frontline Support Worker at Islamic Family, a non profit organization based in Edmonton. She is a recent coffee lover, a cat mom of two, and she greatly misses the Great Ontario Lake.