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4th Year Child and Youth Care Program
Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)

Nivetha Lavan

My name is Nivetha Lavan and I am currently in my final year of the child and youth care program at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am more than excited to be working at MCASS because it will allow me to work with people of various backgrounds and further my skills as a CYC. As an immigrant who came from Sri Lanka, it means a lot to me to be helping other immigrant families.

Presently, I have attained skills in various places working as a CYC. One being an elementary school where I engaged with students and organized meaningful activities with them. Furthermore, I learned to create strong and trusting bonds with the students which ensured that they had someone they could talk to during school time. Furthermore, I gained problem solving and communication skills through my volunteer work in highschool at the summer school program.

Once I have completed my CYC undergraduate I hope to pursue the master’s program. I want to further my knowledge and understanding of this field so I can utilize it in the future.