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Social Service Worker Program at Centennial College

Mohammad Ferdous

My name is Mohammad Ferdous and my friends and family call me Ferdous. I have a pragmatic view about seeing things. Although my philosophy is “seeing is believing”, I tend to correlate reasons with events and circumstances. It means that if seven out of ten people in a room try to establish a truth, I tend to consider that as a truth, but I do not establish this unless I verify it in an authentic manner. I have biases and stereotypes just like any other individual, but I have learned how to move past these biases with people leaving those behind. I am currently working in a manufacturing company in Scarborough as a quality line leader where I communicate with people daily in a respectable and reasonable way.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had been a broadcast journalist for more than a decade in Bangladesh. That was a career where I met with different kinds of people with different stories. I saw and realized why in a society of oppression; some people can not vocalize their voices. I understood why some people remain under-privileged and distressed in society. I moved to Canada in 2016 with my wife and two children and I gradually came to feel that there are also issues of structural racism, anti-black biases, and islamophobia in communities here.
Thinking about all these, I decided that I could be a help to the people who are facing these issues and decided to start my Diploma in the Social Service Worker st Centennial College. I am currently in my second year of this program.

I have always been a people’s person and love to surround myself with family and friends, engage in community activities, and work in a team. In the Canadian social context, working with people specially the immigrants and refugees is what I prefer most, and this is the reason why I have chosen a social service profession. I love to spend my personal time with my family and children and I love to drive to different beautiful naturesque places where I like to explore woods and water, and fishing. In my leisure time, I play the guitar, listen, and cover songs and enjoy gardening, which is the hobby which I always long for.