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4th Year Ryerson BSW Student

Mariyah Jaffer

Mariyah is a fourth-year social work student completing her minor in psychology. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and making a difference in the community locally, nationally, and globally. She serves as the Director of Community Engagement at rising social enterprise, My Sister’s Keepeer, in which she meaningfully connects with external organizations, builds genuine partnerships, and meets seasoned guest speakers. Previously, she was a children’s support volunteer at a women’s shelter and was involved with co-facilitating programs for young girls with Big Brothers Big Sisters of York. Her volunteer and work experience also includes working with children and youth with special needs in a variety of contexts including an autism centre, summer camps, recreational programs, and her religious institution.

Recently, Mariyah started an Instagram account to share her written work. She aims to write for women seeking inspiration in their personal and professional lives. Her mission is to be the guiding light to remind you to love yourself, to embrace your ambition, to engage in meaningful self-care, to share your gifts unapologetically, and to wholeheartedly believe in yourself. She aspires to make a positive impact in all areas of her life and hopes to form meaningful connections in all her endeavours.

You are more than welcome to check out her written work here: