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4th Year York BSW Student

Manisa Pathmanathan

My name is Manisa Pathmanathan and I am currently completing my Bachelors of Social Work Degree at York University. I am excited to be joining this team as a volunteer at Muslim’s Children’s Aid & Support Services (MCASS). I look forward to the incredible experiences and opportunities this volunteer experience could bring me.

 It was my love of children and my desire to work with children that initially drew me to this agency. MCASS provides me with the opportunity to fulfill my desire by supporting Muslim children who face academic challenges, discrimination, and help to address the specific needs of the Muslim community. In particular, I am eager to help Muslim children overcome and deal with any physical, psychological, emotional, and social problems they might face. Since I possess the necessary skills and experience to succeed in this environment, I believe I will be a valuable member of the team. Also, I pride myself on being an openminded individual so I will always strive to educate myself about the Muslim religion and community despite not being a member of this community.

While completing my degree, I had worked in the retail industry where I learned to communicate with diverse individuals including members of my team. I have learned to empathize with customers who have issues with service, or a product, and I have been put in situations where I have had to come up with creative solutions. I will be able to apply these experiences in situations I will face when working with children at Muslim’s Children’s Aid & Support Services (MCASS). I have not worked extensively with children, but I volunteered as a teacher’s assistant for a short period and found that I really enjoyed teaching and working with children. Overall, I am a passionate and hardworking individual who is grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Aside from my love for children, in my spare time I enjoy watching any show written by Shonda Rhimes, painting, and working out to maintain my mental and physical health. In the past, I have enjoyed taking ballet, gymnastics, piano, and violin lessons. In the future, I’d like to travel more, step outside of my comfort zone, and learn how to grow as an individual.