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Event – MAC Convention 2022 and 2023

Check us out at the MAC Convention! Simbas attended the MAC convention in 2022 and 2023 and it was a tremendous success! We were able to connect with many members of the muslim community and promote our programs and services. Our booth never fails to bring the fun! We had many different challenges including trivia, keep-ups, planks, and push-up challenges for a chance to win a prize. We look forward to future opportunities with MAC! 

2022 MAC convention

2023 MAC

2022 Muslim Fest

Another outreach opportunity for the Simbas at Mississauga’s Muslim Fest!

2024 MLSE Community Iftar Event 

On March 23, 2023, MCASS and Simbas had the pleasure of attending a special first-ever community iftar event aimed at bringing together the Muslim youth and strengthening our communal ties hosted by the MLSE Launchpad. The evening was marked by the gathering of esteemed Muslim leaders from our community, who shared their wisdom and insights through a panel discussion on the significance of Ramadan, which was inspiring for all ages!

Simbas provided interactive activities for the youth, including trivia on Ramadan, soccer, and general knowledge, there was something for every curious mind. These activities were designed not only for fun but also to enrich our youth’s understanding of Ramadan, with the opportunity to win cool Ramadan themed prizes. Moreover, the physical activities and challenges added the extra layer of excitement! The kids absolutely loved the trivia and physical challenges, racing around and laughing, all while learning about the importance of Ramadan.The event also featured community-building workshops specifically tailored for parents and adults, ensuring that everyone in the event had the opportunity to learn valuable insights and feel a strong sense of inclusion.

The evening concluded in a communal Iftaar, where attendees broke their fast together, followed by the evening prayer. It was a beautiful moment of spiritual connection and unity that allowed everyone to feel closer and more connected. We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us, making this event truly memorable and an example of our community’s strength and diversity!