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4th Year Child & Youth Care Program
Toronto Metropolitan University 

Lily Song

Lily is a fourth-year student studying Child and Youth Care at Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly: Ryerson University). As a collaborative leader with interpersonal skills, Lily is excited about the opportunity to work alongside children, youth, and their families. The Muslim Children’s Aid and Support Services (MCASS) plays a critical role in empowering Muslim communities to work together to engage and be a responsive body to the larger community members. This vision helps improve their familial, social and cultural well-being as the goal is to have a healthy, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming community. Lily believes the children and their families seeking these services will feel a sense of respect as MCASS advocates and provide opportunities for them to persevere and flourish. Working with a social and anti-oppression framework that provides person-centred, culturally specific, and religiously appropriate programs and services opens the opportunity for the specific needs of the diverse Muslim community to be met. For this reason, Lily is excited to work in supporting this community.