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3rd Year Community Nursing Student
Toronto Metropolitan University 

Iqra Syed

Hi everyone! My name is Iqra Syed, and I am a Pakistani and Indian Muslim, born and raised in Toronto. I am in my third year studying with the Toronto Metropolitan University Registered Nursing Program. With nursing being a unique and lucrative career path, I aspire to work within community outreach and health care to address the needs of marginalized communities in the GTA.

Understanding power imbalances, trauma, and discrimination in healthcare has opened my eyes to the injustices in our society. As a student nurse, future RN, and woman of colour, I strive to create change and achieve equitable care and services for all communities outside of traditional health care. The Muslim Children’s Aid & Support Services works to address the inequality and inequity of Muslims. This community has been targeted with violence and discrimination for over a decade. Working with MCASS will give me the unique opportunity to bring awareness and advocate for the Muslim community of Toronto, allowing me to provide learning experiences and opportunities for growth for Canadian Muslims in terms of physical and mental health and well-being.

I look forward to my time here and am excited to be a part of positive change in our society!