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Event – Indoor Program

The Simbas Indoor Program offered participants a unique opportunity to stay active and engage in soccer during the winter season at Birchmount Collegiate Institute. Similar to the outdoor setting, this program was specially designed with refugees and newcomers in mind, creating an inclusive space where everyone could find belonging and joy playing soccer! 

The day started with everyone gathering for an interactive warm-up, shaking off the cold and getting warmed up for action. This was followed by rotating through various stations which featured soccer-based activities focused on dribbling, defending, fostering teamwork, and culminated in a soccer scrimmage. 

As our day came to a close, we gathered for a final huddle to chat about the day’s adventures and share our thoughts, wrapping everything up with a heartwarming communal meal, which everyone looked forward to!

Another special moment in our program was the Eid Activity Day, designed to brighten the Eid celebrations and make it a more memorable occasion for the kids. We had a festive community potluck filled with delicious dishes, coloring and henna stations led by our amazing and talented coaches, and even a bubble blowing corner which the kids absolutely loved! This day was all about bringing everyone together in a relaxing setting, sharing our common traditions, and making Eid memorable for everyone!