Community Services Officer - Social Services

Huda Ali

Hello! My name is Huda Ali and I am a Muslim Somali-Canadian. I have an educational background in Humanities from York University. I have volunteered and worked with children in schools and community centers, giving me years of experience with community outreach in the GTA. From this, I want to pursue a teaching degree upon completing my bachelors.

I have learned to challenge normalizing standards in society, through developing a critical consciousness and expanding my knowledge of systems of oppression. I recognize large scale social processes associated with class, race, gender and religion and how they contribute to social issues which is why I am excited to be a part of the Muslim Children’s Aid & Support Services.

My aspirations are to work with those who are erased and marginalized. In the age of Islamophobia, the Muslim community is a target of erasure, silence and violence. MCASS gives voice and agency to Muslim youth, immigrants, and refugees. I am grateful and look forward to becoming a member of an organization that advocates for change and combats the oppression faced by Canadian Muslims.