Ryerson BSW 3rd Year Student

Hamza Gulma

Hamza Gulma is a passionate and caring individual. He spends most of his time in and out of his local Mosque where he enjoys volunteering in community events aimed at increasing community cohesion. His favourite events are the big Iftar (breaking of fast) parties during the month of Ramadan (fasting month) where there is lots of food. He deeply cares for others and hopes to be of benefit however he can.

Hamza is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Ryerson University. He hopes his education will be a means for him to help the Muslim community at large and he aspires to learn how to bridge the gap between secular life and religious life.

In his spare time, Hamza enjoys watching lots of anime. He highly values family and spending time with them and with friends he looks forward to going out with them.