Fawaz Bakour

Fawaz Bakour is a talented teenager who will be going into Grade 10 in September. Fawaz enjoys playing soccer and basketball with his friends. With an interest in many different pursuits, Fawaz has already given back to his community by volunteering. At Christmas time in 2016, Fawaz volunteered at a pop-up shop run by Mes Amis Canada to provide clothes, hygiene products and toys to newcomer families. The families and other volunteers commented on how polite, helpful, and hard-working Fawaz was. In the spring of 2017, Fawaz distributed flyers for a Ramadan meal for the homeless and underprivileged communities in downtown Toronto and served all who came to enjoy food and conversation. The guests commented on Fawaz’s friendly and helpful service.

Fawaz is a newcomer Canadian who arrived with his family as a Syrian refugee in December 2015. Fawaz, with his gentle, caring and sensitive nature, has uncommon empathy and compassion for kids and adults alike, especially those who have had challenging life experiences. Fawaz has an amazing grasp of technology and is a very skilled gamer who can watch any YouTube video and replicate what’s been shown. Fawaz also loves the outdoors with a particular interest in gardening and has a real affinity for domestic and farm animals. Fawaz is really looking forward to volunteering to help the kids, give back to his community, and to learn new skills.