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Storytelling Workshop: Creative Writing with Yasmin Said

Yasmin Said is hosting a creative writing workshop for the Muslim diaspora! Join us on August 11 at 6:00PM EST for a special arts night!

We bring you our third and final workshop as part of the creative arts workshop series of our Virtual Storytelling Project: Embroidered Memories – creative writing with Yasmin Said, “the girl who speaks the words she writes”!

Yasmin is a passionate storyteller who has for the past several years used creative writing and poetry to share her stories with Toronto readers. As a Hijab-wearing individual, Yasmin employs creative writing throughout most of the leadership roles in her community to advocate for safe and inclusive spaces for Muslim women.

Yasmin Said Creative writing
Arabic Translation Yasmin Said Creative Writing

Come out to our creative writing workshop with Yasmin Said to learn how to use words for social change and activism!

Please bring a writing utensil and a piece of paper or any other writing support and please ensure you have a steady Internet connection.