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Storytelling Painting Workshop: On Finding Home with Emel Tabaku

Our first Virtual Storytelling Workshops will be facilitated by Emel Tabaku, a Toronto-based Albanian Canadian interdisciplinary artist.

Influenced by memories of childhood, and current events, Tabaku filters these references through autobiographical painterly brushstrokes on metals and other media —celebrating the introspective freedom of the imagination, the collective history and the individual.

She is currently completing her BFA studies at OCAD University, majoring in Drawing and Painting and minoring in Art History.

To learn more about Tabaku’s works, visit her website at

Arabic Painting Workshop

Come out to our workshop On Finding Home with Emel Tabaku to explore what it means to live in between cultures with a home everywhere yet nowhere. How do we construct our identities in moments of ever changing flux? How do we hold onto memories while seeking to create new ones?

Please bring painting and/or drawing materials, a canvas board or any other support and please ensure you have a steady Internet connection.

Registration link highlighted below: