Coordinator Sports Programs - Sports and Recreation

Azim Taher

My name is Azim Taher and I am a 19 year old human biology student at the University of Toronto, and will be entering my third year this upcoming september. Since the age of 5 I have been extremely passionate about soccer, and I am grateful for the places, life lessons and people I have met through my involvement in soccer in Canada for almost 15 years now. Currently, I play in League 1 Ontario for Unionville-Miliken Soccer Club, and have played competitive soccer since the age of 8. Through soccer, I have experienced and explored many different cities across North America such as Dallas, Washington D.C, New York City and plenty more. Soccer is a sport that has not only taught me skills on the field, but has given me valuable lessons that I can implement in all areas of life. I am a firm believer that soccer brings people together, and is a way to express your emotions. 
As a proud Afghan-Canadian Muslim, I have a lot of passion for working with youth from similar backgrounds and playing a role in their growth not only on the field, but outside of the field as well. I want to be able to inspire youth to be able to pursue all their dreams, whether that is on the field or any other aspect in life. I have had many great mentors and coaches throughout my life, which is another reason why I want to be able to do the same with the youth of today.
Outside of soccer, my interests include reading books, listening to podcasts especially the Joe Rogan podcast and spending time with family. I am a very family oriented person, which is why I love travelling with my siblings on mini-vacations almost every long weekend. Also, I enjoy attending family events and being a part of muslim/afghan events when they occur.