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Event – Indoor Program

The Simbas Indoor Program offered participants a unique opportunity to stay active and engage in soccer during the winter season at Birchmount Collegiate Institute. Similar to the outdoor setting, this program was specially designed with refugees and newcomers in mind, creating an inclusive space where everyone could find belonging and joy playing soccer!  The day

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Event – EmpowerHer

The “EmpowerHer” program commenced on July 2nd, 2023 at Terraview Park and it was a start to something special! Sponsored by the MLSE Foundation, this event kicked off the first-ever girls-only soccer program which was all about fun, learning soccer, and important life skills. The program, spanning eight weeks, was designed to use soccer as

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Event – Trips

Simbas Activity Day x Wealthsimple On January 27th, the Simbas Activity Day took place at Winston Churchill CI generously sponsored by Wealthsimple. The day kicked off with the kids engaging in static and dynamic warm-ups, preparing them for a fun-filled agenda. The kids then participated in a variety of creative games, including an obstacle course

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