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Child Welfare Social Worker
Canada Summer Jobs 2024

Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood expresses profound gratitude for the opportunity to join the MCASS team and eagerly anticipates the collaborative efforts that lie ahead.
With a Diploma in Social Service Work and ongoing pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her role. Her unwavering passion for advocating for marginalized individuals and amplifying community voices has been a driving force throughout her career. Committed to embodying the change she envisions, Ashley has tirelessly contributed to various sectors within social services, striving to foster positive impacts within her community.
As a Muslim woman, Ashley is particularly enthusiastic about her role as a Child Welfare Social Worker. She views this position as a platform to effect change within Muslim communities and address the unique challenges they face, while also fostering greater understanding and communication within Toronto and its neighbouring cities.
Recognizing that children represent the future, Ashley is deeply invested in equipping them with the resources and support necessary for their success, whatever form it may take. Through her diverse experiences and her new role, she is dedicated to cultivating meaningful relationships with children, offering mentorship, a sense of belonging, and tailored services that empower them to achieve their full potential on their own terms.
As the Child Welfare Social Worker, Ashley hopes to bring about change, and to work alongside, hand in hand with her client’s in a way that acknowledges their unique lived experiences and encompasses their connection to their faith.