Abira Mumtaz

Assalam-o-alaikum, my name is Abira (pronounced a-bee-ra). I have recently graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Honours Bachelors of Life Sciences. I hope to pursue a career in healthcare in the future, and currently work at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton.

I am a recent volunteer at Muslim Children’s Aid and Support Services (MCASS) and am interested in a role that involves supporting the community through direct interaction. Hence, my primary role would involve engaging with children and youth to help them recognize and overcome academic barriers to facilitate their academic goals. Through our interactions, I hope to help students develop a passion for learning, foster problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

During my undergraduate career I had the opportunity to tutor various courses to high school students. I am also a current volunteer with Let’s Talk Science, an organization aimed to help students develop interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). As a result, I have had multiple opportunities to interact with children of various ages and backgrounds, in person and in small groups. Although, I have always wanted to join the healthcare, I also thoroughly enjoy being an educator. It’s quite fascinating to witness students explore their passions, ask questions, challenge themselves and grow intellectually. I hope to bring the skills I have developed through my previous experiences while interacting with children and youth seeking support through MCASS.

Aside from my passion for science, healthcare and teaching I also enjoy being creative and like building on my artistic skills. During my free time, I often experiment with painting, drawing and calligraphy. Additionally, I like hiking, biking and exploring nature when the weather permits and I hope to travel around the world someday.