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4th Year York BSW Student

Abdurrahman Patel

Abdurrahman Patel was born and raised in Mississauga, Canada. His interest in pursuing advanced Islamic studies took him to study internationally, enrolling in an Alimiyya program consisting of advanced Qur’anic exegesis, Islamic theology, early Hadith studies and many more sciences taught in Arabic and Urdu. He completed his program in Bury, UK where he graduated with a BA in Islamic Studies and achieved numerous authorizations in the Islamic sciences.

After returning to Canada, Abdurrahman followed his teacher’s instructions to bridge his knowledge of Islamic Sciences with social work practice and counselling– and so began his journey in Social Service Work studies at Seneca College and now completing his final year of the Bachelor of Social Work program at York University.

For the past six years, he has been engaging with the Muslim community in around the GTA, helping with educating children and youth, conducting various programs and volunteering in different initiatives such as local BBQs, public sports and tournaments, soup kitchens, neighbourhood outreach and organizing community potlucks, prayers and workshops.

Abdurrahman is proud to be part of a team that focuses on the needs of the Muslim community and having the opportunity of completing his BSW placement at MCASS, Abdurrahman wishes to incorporate his religious knowledge with his skills in social work practice to support and empower clients as well as continuing to develop more empathic and effective ways in helping the community at large.